Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Did we see Twitter or WhatsApp and the fundamental ways they change contact between people? Did we see the sale of GE Capital as the new economics of banking suddenly made GE the wrong shareholder? It’s a fact that disruptive forces are dramatically transforming our societies and industries. Value chains in almost every industry are shrinking, contorting, and re-emerging as something else. Opportunities and threats are often only fully acknowledged and acted upon after they have overwhelmed us. Hindsight shows that most disruptions come with ample warning signs and tell-tale activity. Looking forward, the good news is: Most disruptions can be taken advantage of or mitigated if we become better at interpreting the warning signs and early activity. Especially, if we master the conviction to really act on that improved understanding in an entrepreneurial way.


  • Your Benefits

 Successful innovators have a set of personal skills, attributes and behaviors that go beyond formal education e.g. in venture creation and business planning. This course provides insights from latest research on entrepreneurial characteristics as well as key tools for innovators - and gives participants the opportunity to actively experience entrepreneurship.


  • Methods

 The course is delivered in an interactive seminar style and comprises presentations of the lecturers, case studies, joint discussions and experience sharing as well as presentations by the participants. We will identify and discuss key disruptions and developments such as exponential technological advances, market force changes or demographic changes and will derive and sharpen business concepts.  The program will be built on the A.T. Kearney Disruptions: Nailed! methodology.

After registration you can access off line documents. After registration of  sufficient number of participants, online class will be held on an announced time


  •  Participants

 Managers and experts who are regularly confronted with questions in commercializing innovative products and who need knowledge in marketing, to include these into their daily decisions, as well as strategic issues.


  • Contents

+The Spirit of Innovative Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Today, The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Entrepreneurial Mind – What must be trained?, Entrepreneurship meets Innovation


+ Business Model Canvas + Benchbreaking Blue Ocean

Business Model Canvas, Break the Rules for a Blue Ocean, Practice – Our New Business Model


+ Accident meets Intention

Innovation as Source for Growth, Requirements within the Company, Markets of Tomorrow, Practice – Create your New Idea


+ Find and Evaluate Innovative Ideas

Forms of Innovations, Identification of Innovations within the Company, Methods to Create New Ideas


 +Technology driven Innovation Strategies

Technology Adaption Life Cycle and the Consequences, Role of Key Partners, First Mover or Last Follower?, Innovation Strategies as Niche Strategies


 +Implementation of Innovation Strategies

Challenges and Solutions, Importance of Teams, Recruiting the Right People


  • Documentation for Participants

 Course Material as pdf-file. After registration you will instantly access offline documents


  •  Duration

 2 Days (9 hours on line course).

 Note: Online course will be only held after registration of  sufficient number of participants. Day and time of online course will be announced later.


  • Tutition Fee

50 Euro for class + 50 Euro for certificate : Total =100 Euro


Please pay the fee amount to bank account:

IBAN DE57 6129 0120 0249 3500 09
NAME :Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.Helmut Kohlert

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  • Certificate

Every participant will be awarded a certificate from TCKIT Germany. (see the sample)


  • Trainer


Dr. Martin Hueppauff

 Studied physics at the German Universities of Duisburg and Goettingen. Doctorate at the RWTH Aachen University. Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institut.

For more than 25 years active in Innovation Management, Research and Development, Marketing, Strategic Product and Technology Planning, Agile Transformation as well as Process and Project Management for an important worldwide acting automotive supplier based in Germany.

 Lectureship at the University of Applied Science Esslingen for the master's degree in Innovation Management.

 Mentoring and coaching of start-up entrepreneurs in collaboration with the “Wissensfabrik Deutschland e.V.”.