Basics of Management

Basics of Management

Today we are living in an entrepreneurial area. Entrepreneurs question existing fields of activities of the company, they create new market offerings, they build up new organizations, they develop an offensive marketing etc. There are always members of the staff who have all of the knowledge needed, but the big majority must still be trained, especially if they have a non-commercial background.


  •  Objectives

 The objective of the course is to give future entrepreneurs in start-up companies, in medium-sized enterprises, and in big corporations a set of tools and knowledge about the different topics they need to accomplish their entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Methods

After registration you can access off line documents. After registration of  sufficient number of participants, online class will be held on an announced time. Exercises and examples have been designed to optimize the learning benefit. Intensive group work and participant are focused on discussions and share of experience.


  • Participants

 Company owners, managers and staff who are confronted with questions like to build up new business units, to enter into new markets or to found a new company.


  • Contents


+The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Basics of entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial mindset, critical success factors for entrepreneurs, ways to develop an entrepreneurial mindset


+ Entrepreneurship Reconsidered – The Team as Hero

Importance of teams, recruiting the right people, importance of networks


 +Starting and Building a New Unit

Starting and building a new unit, recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities, the new business model, entrepreneurial strategies


+ Formulating the Business Plan

Preliminary analysis of the venture, business plan as road map, projected economics


  • Documentation for Participants

 Course Material as pdf-file.After registration you will instantly access offline documents.


  • Duration

2 Days (9 hours on line course).


Note: Online course will be only held after registration of  sufficient number of participants. Day and time of online course will be announced later.


  • Tutiton Fee

50 Euro for class + 50 Euro for certificate : Total =100 Euro


Please pay the fee amount to bank account:

IBAN DE57 6129 0120 0249 3500 09
NAME :Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.Helmut Kohlert

Euro account


then enter transaction number on the registration form


  • Certificate

Every participant will be awarded a certificate from TCKIT Germany. (see the sample)


  • Trainer

 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Kohlert

is Professor of Business Management at German universities . He is serving as a consultant and trainer to numerous technical companies in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship and international marketing. He is author of numerous books like “Marketing für Ingenieure” and articles.