Who We Are?

In today's world, by accelerating the development and competition growth in national, regional and international levels, survival of organizations with traditional management is become so much harder or even impossible.

Nowadays all organization have to follow below solutions for survival in international commercial network:
+ Increasing share of intangible assets like knowledgeable human resources or taking greater share of inventions
+ Increasing the innovation potential and continuous evaluation of it in short term periods by means of specialized companies
+ Entering to international commercial networks
+ Cooperation with well-known companies in common work fields
+ Supplying materials and equipments with higher quality and more suitable costs
+ Increasing proficiency potential of human resources through practical and specialized training courses
+ Increasing the potential of organization experts through specialized scientific tours
+ Increasing technological potential through continuous connection with national and international universities and research institutes
+ Increasing the scientific insight of human resources through facilitating their education in higher levels
+ Usage of empty potentials and capacities of other companies for development of commercial processes with the least cost
+ Investing on innovational ideas in national and international levels

For answering the above needs, TCKIT-Germany with it’s international experts and more than a quarter valuable experiences in European and Asian countries is ready for cooperation with all companies.

For achieving your targets, you can count on our counseling services.