Study Trips




Germany and Turkey, as two leading economies in the world which have active companies at the international level. They own fully developed industrial structure, which can be considered as a good model of industrial progress . Holding joint short-term training courses in the form of specialized tours is the most suitable opportunity for enterprises to take advantage of this visit for obtaining ideas and developing joint cooperation.

 Based on this targets, the proposed specialized tours are implemented on a weekly basis in various fields according to the request of enterprises. These tours consist of training seminars and company visits in various industrial fields. The target groups are managers and senior experts of enterprises as well as industrial experts.


Tour features:

• Familiarity with the activities and performance of similar industrial units and organizations

• Obtaining all required information in the shortest possible time

• Providing opportunities for investment and technology transfer

• Ability to acquire new ideas for business development

• Ability to interact and consult with experts and specialists

• Updating technical knowledge and information for development of industrial units

• The possibility of direct negotiations with the managers of leading companies


Duration: One week which includes: two days seminar, two days visit from companies and industrial units, one day entertainment plus group discussion and negotiation.

Certificate: Certificate of completion verified by TCKIT Academy

Number of persons for running the tour: minimum 21 and maximum 25 person