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Based on the defined terms and content of routine empowerment courses,TCKIT Academy is going to organize a different course with unique features.

This course contains a practical content rather than conventional theoretical topics and relies on transferring the experiences of European experts and professionals who are active in the field of international business and industrial sector.  The main purpose of the course is focused on providing a better understanding of the structure and principles of a modern business in accordance with international market.

All learners will experience a different way of thinking through connecting directly with international foreign instructor in online Q&A sessions. Based on this, every participant will be able to enhance their international management skills Through connecting with European professors and experts.


Audience group

• Managers of industrial units / enterprises interested in development of their productivity

• Experts of companies interested in upgrading their skills

• University Graduates interested in finding some job opportunities in Germany

• Interested people in starting a self-employed business


Admission requirements

This course is not suitable for people who are just looking for a university degree!  Participants should have the following terms:

• Having one year of work experience

• Ability to understand concepts in English

• Interested in learning business concepts using the experiences of European experts


 Teaching process

The course will be held in two parts:

1- Offline topics which has been contained educational contents prepared in the form of videos and PowerPoint by German professionals


2-On line question and answers sessions with German professors


 With this method those who have language problem will have enough time to translate their course content.


Evaluation Process

The evaluation of the course is project based. Every learner should define a solution for a problem in an economic activity which is engaged or an activity that he or she consider to be a general problem for the domestic economic enterprise. All participants will use what they have learned throughout the course and come up with an innovative plan to solve the problem by considering all aspects.


 Course language: English


Instructors: Professors and industrial specialists from Germany and Switzerland


Course duration: Less than one year. If you only plan for studying 2 hours a day and 5 days a week, you need 7.5 months to complete the course.

The offline educational content will be available through TCKIT Germany website. On line sessions will be announced by instructor for each lesson.



Certificate will be awarded in English by TCKIT Academy. This Certificate has been approved by BiBB German institute (Federal Institute for the Development of Job Training Standards).


 Competitive features

1) Due to the fact that the awarded certificate is a confirmation for managerial skills and is NOT a university degree, the managers of organizations will no longer worry about leaving the job by their employers after passing the course for seeking a better job position.


2) In case of group registration of more than 10 people, 3% discount of registration fee will be given to the organization.


3) At the end of the course TCKIT academy will return all the course fees to top three students (among 100 students) and they will have a chance to run a business with a joint investment and joint cooperation in selling their products. For taking this advantages, students should design and present an innovative project which its intangible capital share contains at least 85 percent of total share.


 4) Five percent discount for registering in one-week specialized tours in Germany


5) Membership in the German TCKIT Scholars Club and enjoy its benefits


6) investment opportunity in selected innovative projects of TCKIT Germany


7) Ten present discount for job or educational  virtual consultation with German specialists



• International Business Management- small businesses

• International Business Management-Automotive engineering

• International Business Management-Business Engineering

•International Business Management-strategic Management


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